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Now you can hear Keeba Live Podcast on IHeart Radio (Podcast), on your mobile device. Just go to the FREE IHeart App and type in (at search bar) Keeba Live for all our shows.

Podcast on The Disrupters Podcast Network

Keeba Live Free Podcasting is used at all B&G Sponsored Events in 2019. B&G Sponsor Events uses Keeba Social Media Management company to promote all of their events.

A new pod cast show Reveal Wholeness...With Dr. Troy Munson to air on Thursday 8:30 on the  DISRUPTERS PODCAST NETWORK!

B&G  PODCAST is live now on the air , we'll be talking with Bill & Gail concerning al the great events they will be sponsoring in Tacoma at their  location, The First Christian Church of Tacoma.

Angie on the road to recovery...with Angie Bagwell as she tells she story about sexual abuse. 

The Old Man Rants from the kitchen...on the iHeart Radio Podcast, talks about what upsets the older generation! 


"This was a lot of fun, can not wait to be on the show again"........Fat Dog  Creatives graphic design

  Big John's Oil, Lube & Automotive repair: A little feed back we have been gaining at least 3 to 4 new customers a week since you have taken over our face book page !!" THANK YOU !!" 

Keith E. Besherse

 (If you are manager or owner of a non-profit or business in Western Washington (or visiting) and haven't met William Lee and Candace Thompson please give me the chance to introduce you. Well worth your time. Awesome people with beautiful hearts for the success of others.) 

B&G Sponsored Events


I was just reminded tonight that Keeba has also set us up our own website now.  I took a look at it before posting the link here in this letter and all I can say is WOW!!!   I am impressed with the work they continue to do for us.   I am the first to admit to being a computer dummy but now due to the fantastic work Mr William Lee of Keeba Agency is doing for us I can proudly and confidently say We have a great website out there that I am very proud of and honored to share.  Please take the time to check out our new website



Thank you for being such an amazing supporter of our foundation and a voice for our veterans.


Trish & Pat

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The Big News

You can now find our podcast shows, that's the Disrupters & Keeba Live on the following platforms: Amazon  Alexs Echo or Dot internet systems, I Heart Radio, Spotify, Itunes, Stitcher, Youtube podcast & Google Podcast! 

Listeners FAQs

Q: Can any one be a quest on show?

A: Yes, you must be 14 or older.

Q: What is the cost to be on the show?

A: As a guest the podcast is free.

Q: What can I talk about?

A: You can talk about your Business, Special Events, or Community Activities. 

Q; Now long is the show?

A: Our shows are 25 minutes long.