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The Disrupters Podcast Network



Through the Disrupters Podcast Network, we are changing the face of communities and businesses by providing advice, facts, tips, tricks and hacks in everyday discussions with everyday people that have the skill, talent and insight to speak to the needs of community members, leaders, health professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and well, you.

In order to disrupt the normal we are focused on the following:

· Building relationships in communities 

· Presenting content of community concern in an understandable way

· Educating people in a conversational manner, sharing the insights of others

· Inspiring creativity for all you dreamers to realize goals can be attainable

· Putting to action what we discuss. 

 The main goal of each show is to start a conversation that produces solutions to problems; Problems you see, and also some you may not even know are there. Join us in disrupting the normal and shaping the future!


Building Your Business

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media campaigns are designed for small business internet marketing services, platforms like ( FACEBOOK, GOOGLE BUSINESS, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER) & more, the Keeba Agency builds small Business  strategic internet  by using podcasts marketing services which will target the local marketing area of your company. 

Podcast Productions

 Our family of podcast shows (The Disrupters, Keeba Live & Revealing Wholeness, B&G Sponsored Events, Angie on the road to recovery, & The Old Man Rants from the Kitchen )   We can promote your business through weekly sponsored podcasts!

We can unlock your Social Media

With the our proven marketing tools, (BUSINESS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, PODCASTING & BUSINESS PARTNERS) we can help you meet your marketing business goals.

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